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GBCCfamily Cares. Small Group is a place that cares for each other

What’s a small group you ask?   

Do you Remember that 80's T.V. show "Cheers"?  It said...  "Some times you wanna go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came."

Well that's what small Group is... It's groups of who people meet weekly in a home environment.

At Small Group we care for each other by just hanging out.

We look at what the Bible says together and pray for one another. A lot of the times we eat too! We sometimes do a project together or just go bowling. 

A small group is a great way to connect with the church and grow in your relationship with Christ. You can join a Group that works best for you.

1. We Have a group that meets Sunday @6:30 (study starts at 7) at the church  (child care will be offered here)

If you have more Questions about Small Group call or text our preacher Dave Whitten at 757-204-1864  to get plugged in. 


We also have A Small Group just for Teens 6th- 12th grades. They  Meet Sundays at the church @4. Our youth minister Kevin Williams, gathers the youth each Sunday afternoon for fun activities, bible study and snacks. We hope that our teens grow deeper in their relationships with Christ & each other.You can reach Kevin at 757-771-9987.