Great Bridge Church of Christ - - Welcome Home

"...for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations" - Isaiah 56:7b


  • Our Next Prayer meeting is This Saturday, Feb 6th   @ 9am in the GBCC in the back of the sanctuary in the welcome center. Please Join us!

Your GBCCfamily Believes in Prayer  

We believe thar prayer is essential for Christ followers and for the world we live in.

Do you have something you need prayer for?

Do you need help making a decision?

Maybe you’re broken and need to be lifted up.

Maybe you’re broke and need God to supply a need.

Maybe you don’t know what you believe and even question God and need answers. 

Leave your prayers here. Text or leave a voice message your prayer request at our Prayermail at  757-559-1775

As committed believers in prayer we will lift them up to the throne room of heaven in the name of Jesus Christ, God’s promised Messiah and our Coming King.
We commit to pray for you.
We promise to love you no mater who you are, no matter what you have done, no matter what your situation. We will love you because loves you.
We will offer all requests to the God who hears and answers prayers.
We believe the God who shakes the foundations the earth will respond the prayers for broken and needy.
We believe that prayer draws believers into communion with the Holy Spirit andthe result will be beyond anything we can ask or imagine.

We’d love to prayer for you. Please leave your prayer request in the comment box.  Text or leave a voice message your prayer request at our Prayermail at  757-559-1775

We will publish your requests and post back when you have been prayed for. 

If you wish to remain anonymous you may just write “anonymous” or create a fictions name in the name field. 

You will need to leave an email so we can post back after you are prayed for. 

We will not publish or sell your emails nor use any emails except for the purpose that were given and that is prayer.

We look forward to God working Mightily in your life.

If you would like to offer a private request  call our prayermail prayer line. Text, Call or leave a voice message  757-559-1775